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Automate customer interactions using APIs and Integration Demo

Demo Use Case: Access applications through APIs and Integrations

Demo Description: Use Watson AI together with SaaS connectivity to Salesforce and ServiceNow to create a self-service car repair API giving customers real-time estimates and integrating directly with systems of record. The demo shows easy API creation with No-code App Connect Designer, rate limiting plans, security policies and Self-Service API consumption using the API Connect Portal

Demo Capabilities: ACE Designer, ACE, APIC

Demo Products: CP4I 2021.1 on ROKS 4.6

Here you will be able to prepare yourself to deliver this demo. To deliver this demo, follow the steps below:

  • Understand the Demo: Learn the Demo Scenario, check the Demo Video and review the Demo Sequence
  • Deliver the Demo: Check the different delivery options and be ready to deliver the demo